Registration for the 2023 Fall ASEP session is closed

If you have registered for the upcoming season and are looking for more information about a specific class, please view your account on


parent Reminders

1st graders and older are responsible for arriving to their ASEP class on their own at the time of class start. Please remind your student if they are scheduled to attend a class that day. (Students who will be coming from TK/Kindergarten or Panther Club will be escorted to the class by the ASEP Vendor.)


If a student is not picked up within 10 minutes of the end of class, they will be escorted to Panther Club and may incur additional Panther Club fees.


Any concerns related to class content, discipline or instruction should be communicated directly to the ASEP Vendor.


Any absences (planned or unplanned) must be shared directly with the ASEP Vendor in a timely manner.


For more information about the classes or questions about registration, please contact the ASEP Committee.