Our Mission & Goals

The mission of the PTA is to build strong relationships among parents, teachers and administration in support of our students. With the help of our amazing LP community, we plan and organize a mix of educational and fun school activities, provide support to our teachers, principal and office staff, and much more. 



promote academic enrichment

The PTA recognizes the importance of extracurricular programs that encourage learning in fun and engaging ways. Our success relies on the support of dedicated volunteers who will help us run a variety of programming including after-school enrichment programs (ASEP), the Science Fair, STEM Night and the Book Fair.


Light Bulb

build Community

Our school is what bonds us together, so it makes sense that one of our goals is to establish a sense of strong community. We encourage all parents and students to participate in events such as the Parent Party, Family Dance or Spring Carnival.


support our school

The PTA is a not-for-profit organization, but we do try to raise additional funds to support our teachers with school-wide office supplies and materials as well as subscriptions and equipment needed for electives such as PE, art and science. We also typically fund one capital improvement project for the campus per year. Our main fundraising event is the annual Fun Run.