MSD School Supplies Program


The Moraga School District is piloting a new School Supplies program for the 2023-2024 school year. Say goodbye to last-minute shopping and embrace the ease of a convenient $35 donation per student! LP will utilize the collected funds to purchase supplies in bulk, ranging from pencils, crayons and markers to notebooks, pencil boxes, glue sticks and more. The PTA is facilitating the collection of donations through the PTA website and passing on all collected funds to the school.


This program offers several benefits:


1. Convenience: Experience hassle-free contributions with our user-friendly online donation option. Say goodbye to shopping for supplies or sending supplies to school, and let teachers focus on teaching rather than sorting through a diverse array of student supplies.


2. Reduced WasteOur sustainable approach of procuring supplies in bulk minimizes packaging and waste, promoting a greener future for our school community.


3. Volume Discount: Purchasing supplies in large quantities enables LP to take advantage of discounts and better deals, making the most out of every donation.


4. Equity: Through bulk purchasing, we can maintain consistent quality and quantity of supplies across all classrooms.


5. Optional: Although we encourage all families to participate in this program, we understand individual budget limitations, making participation optional.


Your generous contribution plays an important role in education at LP. Thank you for participating in the Moraga School District’s new school supplies program.