Please join us in a moment of science

Tentatively scheduled for April 2024, the Science Fair promises to be a highlight of the year, igniting curiosity and celebrating scientific discovery. This incredible event is designed to showcase the talents and ingenuity of our young scientists in grades 2-5, providing them with a platform to share their innovative projects and exciting discoveries.


But what exactly is a Science Fair? It's an opportunity for students to dive into the fascinating world of science, unleash their creativity and conduct hands-on experiments. It's a chance for them to explore their favorite scientific topics, ask questions, seek answers and present their findings to a wider audience. The purpose of a Science Fair goes beyond just displaying projects. It's about nurturing a love for science and fostering critical thinking skills. It inspires students to continue exploring scientific concepts, asking questions and seeking answers long after the event is over.


Stay tuned for more information about this fun and important event!