Embark on a Summer Reading Adventure

Summer is a time of endless possibilities, and what better way to make it truly extraordinary than by discovering new worlds, meeting fascinating characters and exploring captivating stories? Reading is not only an incredible source of entertainment but a gateway to expanding your knowledge, vocabulary and creativity. Let's keep those reading skills active this summer by participating in the PTA's 2024 Summer Reading program!



Select one project from the menu below to tell us all about your summer reading! Your project will be featured in a display at our Book Fair in September.  Submit your project to academics@lppta.org by Friday, August 16, 2024. All participants will be eligible for a prize!


Reference the What Do We Do All Day website for suggestions on what to read this summer. Remember, these are only suggestions. The best book is the book that inspires you to read!




  • Children who read 20 minutes a day/5 days a week are exposed to 1.8 million words in one school year. Compare this to students who read 5 minutes per day; they will be exposed to only 282,000 words per school year.

  • Reading helps foster empathy – a child experiences “walking in someone else’s shoes.”

  • Children are exposed to different ideas and cultures.

  • Reading also improves critical thinking.

  • Reading increases knowledge of correct syntax and grammar, along with robust vocabulary knowledge, resulting in improved writing skills.

  • Students who read 20 minutes per day score significantly higher on standardized tests of reading.