Our 2023-24 Team of Room Parents!

Room Parents are a link between parents, teachers, the school and the PTA. They play a vital role in supporting teachers and organizing activities and events throughout the school year. From organizing holiday festivities to coordinating end-of-year celebrations, they are at the heart of creating memories that your children will treasure for a lifetime. Below you'll find this year's team of dedicated parents who have volunteered their time and energy to support the following classrooms.



Teacher Room Parent Room Parent
Ms. Paul (TK) Eleni Diestel  Jen Tate
Mrs. Pearce (K) Katie Goodwin  Jenny Thayer
Mrs. Pearson (K) Sarah Kim  Alyssa Cook
Mrs. Lee (1) Anne Kelly   Ursula Yahya
Mrs. Rago (1) Erin Harbin  Victoria Paal 
Mrs. Barrett (2) Mouang Lowe   Anna Curtis
Mrs. Tom (2) Natasha Hicks    Seeta Nangia / Niki Allen
Mrs. Walker (2) Gina Taber  
Ms. Olazaba (3) Alli Pollock  Whitney Sylvester
Ms. Tighe (3)  Ashley Smith Jenny Thayer
Mrs. Comerford (4) Lauren Peters  
Mr. Lenhart (4) Erin Beal  
Ms. Iantorno (4) Tiffany Cho  
Mrs. Brazil (5) Linh Tsang Davina Hall / Brenna Butler
Ms. LaBasco (5) Becky Bruno Amy Sidensol / Ann Elliott
Ms. Mignano (5) Gita Krishnamurthi Diane Bode